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Quarantine Photo Ideas

As of writing this in May of 2020 most of the world has been in a state of quarantine to some degree or another. This ample time at home for some people has been motivation to get their creative juices flowing and create photography and art ( and even memes) inspired by our current situation of self isolation, quarantining, social distancing and sometimes full lockdown.

I had created a self portrait composite image earlier but I wanted to do something a little more simple so I took a few photos with my daughter one afternoon with the goal of making images that were a little bit more new photographer friendly.

I added a bit of texture and color toning to still make these images have a bit of a fine art feel to them.


I decided to round up some of the more popular themes and props that I have seen used in regards to art and creativity used during this time. Check out the video below going over the top 10 ideas for quarantine photos. To get your own creative photography ideas inspired by quarantine, and the current pandemic.

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