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Haunted: a visual exploration of narcissistic abuse and recovery

Earlier this year I created and self published a photo book with a series of images I created. It was my first time with self-publishing a photo book and I decided to document the experience as a Youtube series so that other photographers looking to self-publish their work could follow along.

The series of videos goes through from the decision making process of how to make a book that will accommodate my photography nicely, to deciding which self-publishing platform to use. I decided to go with, after that point the videos use lulu resources like their templates and guidelines, but most other self-publishing sites also offer things like templates as well.

I would say that overall it was an enjoyable experience, that I would embark on again. The most satisfying part is holding a printed copy of your work in your own hands. Nothing beats that feeling!

If you are interesting in purchasing my photo book

Of if you would like to check out the series of Youtube videos to learn how you can also self-publish your own photo book check out the playlist

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