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These Illustrations were created with the assistance of AI generated elements, then assembled and completed in Photoshop. They are not available publically through any other site as they are completely altered from their AI rendered state.  Commissions available. 

Available for exclusive or non-exclusive usage

$500 non exclusive

$1500 exclusive


The Kelpie Keeper- wild empress- fantasy illustration
butterfly dress-wild empress- book cover licensing
A Girl and her Demons -Wild Empress - Book cover illustration
Crown of Roses- Wild Empress- Book cover illustration
Evil fairy queen- wild empress - book cover illustration
Green Fairy and the Key- Wild Empress- Book Cover Illustration
Green butterflies in her hair- Wild Empress- Book Cover Illustration
there once was love here- Wild Empress- Book Cover Illustration
The Selkie-Wild Empress- Book cover Illustration
Haunted Halls-Wild Empress- Book Cover Illustration
Moon Goddess -Wild Empress- Illustrated Book Cover

Book Cover Illustration Licensing

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