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AI Assisted Illustration Licensing

With the rise in popularity with Ai art generators like Midjourney and Dall-E AI art is eveywhere. The new technology however poses some interesting new legal issues around copyright and big questions around the usage of such images for commercial purposes.

With my photography I always held the full and complete copyright as everything I created was created by myself including the use of things like textures and overlays. This made it simple and easy when it came to submitting the images to the stock agency I work with for book covers.

However many stock sites are reluctant to use any images that include AI generated elements at all. Leaving the creations I have been assembling with Ai and Photoshop to not be easily placed with an outside stock agency.

I have decided to include book cover illustrations that include AI generated elements to my website to make them available for licensing for book covers. All other work such as illustrations completetly created by myself and photography will still be available through Arcangel images.

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