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Self Portraits for Beginners

I have been taking self portraits ever since I got my hands on a camera. Over the years I have learned a lot of things to not only make the process easier, but understand and accept the ways that self portraiture is different from shooting regular portraits.

The technical aspects of photography still apply, having the appropriate camera settings and such, but with the added difficulty of trying to get the focus, and timing right. Having to use equiptment that you might not use in your regular photography like a tripod and a timer remote is almost essential to self portrait photography.

Self portrait photography has added obstacles that fall outside of technical realms. Stepping in front of the camera comes with mental and emotional hurdles as you initially deal with resistence and fears over judgement from others or even from yourself if you have any physical insecurities it can become quite daunting to imagine photographing yourself.

Because of all of this I have decided to start a series of videos helping people, get started with self portraits. Covering everything from how to plan and prepare before hand to technical issues, like focus, that are bound to come up! These videos are geared towards newbie self portrait artists and while I do share my processes about my Wild Empress conceptual work this specific playlist is much more basic so not to overwhelm a new creator.

To check it out just click below and get started in self portraits!

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