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Get to Know Me Post

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hi, I am Vanessa, and introvert that is obsessed with creating. I am a creative self portrait photographer that often blends other art mediums into my portraits with photoshop. My photo style can be described as whimsical, surreal, and introspective.

I started Wild Empress as a way to share my creative works and connect with other creative photographers. It has evolved from just posting images online to wanting to help new creative photogaphers, not only find the skills needed to be a solo creator, but also find the confidence.

I also license my images to a stock agency,, and have had my photos on over 30 book covers all over the world.

I believe that creativity is for everyone, and I hope to inspire others by sharing my experience, and knowlege with creating to start on their own creative journey. I am making myself available as a resource to those who are interested in creative photography, self portraits or learning more about book cover photography.

I have started a Wild Empress Youtube channel to share my editing and behind the scenes. Some videos focus on taking pictures for book covers as I found I had a lot of questions when I started out 5 years ago and I wanted to help photographers thinking about working with book covers. I also DIY a lot, I make things for photo-shoots, wardrobe and props. I buy almost everything from thrift stores and the dollar store for my creations, so you can expect some DIY ideas and photography hack posts on my Wild Empress Youtube channel as well.

If I am not creating, I am filling up on information and inspiration with books and fantasy genre movies and TV. Or more likely scrolling instagram and chatting with other creative photographers.

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